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French Press

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You can  prepare an infusion by using a French press or tea ball. This is perfect for smaller quantities.

As a general rule, herbal infusions can be made using 1 teaspoon of dried herbs or 2 teaspoons of fresh herbs per 1 cup of water.

To make an infusion using a French press or tea ball, measure the necessary herbs into the French press or tea ball.

If using a French press, pour hot water over the herbs and place lid on the press, leaving the plunger up so the herbs can float in the water. If using a tea ball, pour water into a mug or small bowl and place the tea ball into the water.

Cover mug or bowl with a plate or turn a larger bowl upside down over the mug (this is helpful if using a tea ball with a long handle).

Allow to steep for 10 to 15 minutes, then remove the tea ball. If using a French press, simply push the plunger down.

Drink herbal infusions throughout the day to enhance and aid the healing of various ailments.